Thursday, February 22, 2007

On The Train (Books), May 8, 2006

I bought five books over the weekend and I am eager to read all of them at once. Call me crazy but that is exactly what my heart desire. The reason I bought that many books in one go was because I was given a RM200 book voucher. As always I ended up buying more than that. My wife and daughters grabbed few more for themselves so naturally I was paying more than RM200. But I was happy with it, in fact the only thing that I was not happy about was the boys who couldn’t care less about buying any books. Apart from the five new books I have just started reading ‘The World is Flat’ that I am reading on the train to work and at work. At home I am reading Bob Paisley’s biography – this is a must read for Liverpool fan and in between now and then at home a page or two of Tahir Shah’s The Caliph’s House. I may get crazier by starting to read Undercover Economist at the same time. Hei! Jamie Confidential is waiting eagerly on the wing.

The Monday train to work was surprisingly empty but packed on the way home. What bothered me was the train ride was really getting monotonous to me. Hardly any interesting observation these days, probably I was not being observant enough. A front page news about an elephant and its calf wondering out onto the East West Highway really caught me his morning. That was the second time this week we were told. Although the elephant did not bother anyone or anything but it is cause for concern as I was planning to take that route for our next holidays.

I pity the girl sitting in front of me she really looks bored. The man sitting next to her was straining his eyes reading because of the low lights on the train. Only five long light bulbs were trying to illuminate the whole coach. A woman next to him was happy in never never land. Now the man is reading aloud so much so disturbing the sleeping beauty next to him. Around me now I could hear a lot of sound – two ladies chit chatting loudly, handphones with all kind of songs and sound as well as the heavy sighting from a very bored people.

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