Thursday, February 22, 2007

On The Train (The Face), April 10, 2006

I have been sneezing all day in the office today. I am not sure what triggered it off but I suspected it was Baqir’s sudden eagerness to cleanup his room. It was more like a total spring cleaning for him where all the dust accumulated and affected me last night. I sneezed hard this morning and it continued until now.

I walked out of the office quickly as I was trying to get a bit of sunshine. Although I got a bit of it, it was not long enough to dry my nose. The 1748 train came two minutes late. I was looking around in the train when I saw a face that reminded me of my time in UM before I left for US. It was just a common face but Hisham and I just loved to tease it. The UM sting was a very interesting one where we met a lot of characters in the government offices. Suffice to say we agreed that within the government office then there were a lot of people ‘who wants to rule the world’. Remember that song ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ by Tears for Fears. So whenever we came across such characters we just sang the song. One name that we still remember until today was George George. To be exact Ir George George who worked for JKR and he had his name bolted to the door in big capital letters. So what all these all about? I think what I am trying to say is your face could be a memory trigger for somebody. LOL

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