Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Doa for Farid, July 29, 2006

As much as we want to admit or show it we drove back from BP with sadness. Seeing Farid unconscious with her support systems brought another perspective to our lives and I am wondering aloud why we want to postpone our visit further. Honestly, you may have not had the time but I pray to Allah this is not to be.

My family and I arrived around 11 am at BP hospital and I straight away called Abd Majid. He was actually 10 minutes away and we waited for him at the canteen. We ended waiting for quite a bit and not wanting to disturb him we waited for him to call and at the same time Ani Mat and her husband was on their way. We were on the road together but we were ahead by an hour. We decided to wait for them and at the same time I traced my network of friends in BP. Eventually one of them joined me at the hospital, thanks Jaru, and to make the network even more interesting one of my friends there actually is lecturing at the same Maktab where Farid is working and the one line story linked to become almost one complete narrative.

Farid historically has been having problem with coughing, flu and asthma, and has been going in and out of hospitals and clinics trying to find cure, to some extend the real course of her problem. Not to mention the amount of money the have spent. To this end I feel I have failed as a friend. A friend should know how a friend is doing and not when only at their worst. Her condition became critical after her office spring cleaning took place and she was in coma after her lung could not take all the pressure. The xray on her chest came back white. Not wanting for her to be awake and coughing the doctors decided to put her in a resting condition, sleeping, in the ICU. We were told her pulse stopped for awhile the night before but by the grace of Allah it came back which we hope a sign of more good news to come.

All her beloved husband and family could ask for is for all of us to recite doa for her. My friend told me her office mates have been having series of doa recitation, sembahyang hajat and the likes for sometimes now and in our own capacity I hope we can do the same.

So please do not wait

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