Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train, Jan 27, 2006

The train service was delayed again this morning and I guess it would be repeated in the near future. Also, I guess just like the rest of Malaysian, KTMB is really looking forward to the long holidays. I just hope they would use the long holidays to a good use like trying to find ways to improve their services.

I was really surprised when I boarded at Bank Negara station just now instead of a packed train it was just like any normal day. In fact there were less people than usual at KL Sentral. Only now when we are at Mid Valley commuters really pour in. Instead of Chinese packing this train almost 80% of the commuters are Malays. I just smile by this realisation. Another thing is that I was actually expecting more happy faces on the train but instead a lot of them are tired and clueless faces. It could be because we have ‘too much holidays’ syndrome now. The only saving grace on the train now is a group of happy young college girls with backpacks each going off for holidays. From their conversation I gather they are going to fly out from KLIA to the east coast.

It is sardine can now and all kind of smells start to fill the coach. One of the ladies around me is wearing a perfume that I am allergic to, so I am a bit uncomfortable now. The college girls are oblivious of the bodies and faces squeeze near them as they continue to be themselves and talk loud enough to the benefit of everyone in the coach. Well, I was once like that, our group just couldn’t careless about anybody, we just ignored the surrounding and happily be ourselves. Of course now I know we were sometimes nuisance and obnoxious to a lot of people only then we were really oblivious of everything not concerning us. A little girl with a bottle in front of me makes me smile and remind me of Mar. The little girl is chubby and staring at me. I do not know where and when they boarded but somebody good enough to give them seats.

I am wrong. The college girls are getting down at Kajang now and they really confused me. The probability is that they are taking the express train but then why didn’t they board at KL Sentral? Whatever it is I hope they enjoy their holidays. I can’t resist looking at the little girl but I am worried that her mum would think I am a weirdo so I just peep up once in a while. By now I could sense that the people around me know that I am writing about them as I could see suspicious faces or at least they look suspicious when I look at them.

I actually closed my laptop already as Bangi station is approaching when I saw three ‘Mak Nyahs (I am not using these words in degenerative way but just to describe them) were posing and taking photos using their handphones on my right. They realized that I was looking at them and I just smiled. In a way I was jealous as they look so happy.

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