Sunday, February 4, 2007

On the Train, Dec 20, 2005

Less and less people are on the train these last few days of 2005. Presumably most of them are on their long annual leave holidaying somewhere and I hope not in Alor Setar, Arau or Kangar. Normally the east coast states would be on the news this time of a year. Somehow the flood ‘moves’ to the west this year. This could jeopardize my holiday plans, if I have any anyway as I never plan my holiday, as I plan to go to Kulim for a kenduri and take a few days off cruising Kedah and the neighboring states. If the flood persists I will go with plan B, which is nothing at the moment LOL. Some people really plan their holiday and some people, or maybe just me, really do not plan their holiday. Don’t mind saying that I am crazy as you certainly not the first person. When come to holiday my family is the first to know how crazy I can be. I sometimes took the saying the road less traveled literally and took the family into an obvious unwanted experiences. This time is no exception but one thing I can guarantee, it wont be boring. Hey, at least you, the readers – as if I have any, could have the pleasure reading my misadventures.

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