Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On The Train and Plane MH 2716 (KLIA Kuching), Mar 29, 2006

Early as usual but the train was late by 6 minutes. Since I did not have my book with me I decided to take a nap. So no observation from me maybe you should find and read observation of me sleeping on the train from somewhere.

Again I check-in and took the ERL from KL Sentral. Someone said hello while I was boarding the ERL but I was oblivious of it until the person called my name. It was my office colleague and I apologized to her. I was a bit disoriented by the effect of my shore throat and flu. I thought because of the medicines that I took I would be sleeping on the way to the KLIA but instead I was awake reading he Malay Mail.

Since I had to skip my lunch before leaving for the airport I straight away went into the MAS lounge to eat. I managed to download my emails as well. Now I beginning to understand what business travelers meant and felt when they complaint of airport food and waiting time. I guess you have to make the best of it and for me my toy the laptop is my companion to keep me happy. I only left the lounge when they called to board and the plane took off on schedule. The flight was actually going to Sibu via Kuching and most of the passengers with us were going there. Again I thought I was going to doze off but instead I sat admiring the sunset outside. You thought you have seen enough sunsets but I can tell you now everyone of them is different and has their own perspectives. This one was streak of evening lights dispersing on top of white clouds. I felt great looking at it. We touched down safely at the ‘new’ Kuching airport at around 1930. Because of my flu my right ear pop up when the cabin depressurized during touchdown and it created problem for me. The last one I experience this was during my maiden flight to the US years ago. I felt so uncomfortable walking out of the airport and straight away we took the taxi to the hotel. Everyone decided to call it a day and I because I was not comfortable and my throat still burning I decided the same as well. Because of my condition as well I decided not to call Syed Hashim. Lucky for me there was free wireless broadband in the room and I roamed the internet the whole night.

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