Friday, February 16, 2007

On The Train, Mar 9, 2006

Still a bit painful I decided to go to work as I could not possibly skip the meeting scheduled today. Dued to the muscle relaxant that I took last night I was a little bit sleepy on the train and only managed a half page of Naked Conversation when I started to doze off. In a way good for me as well as I could sleep the pain off.

I just boarded the train to go home when my wife called to ask where I was. She was worried as she heard the news that a thunderstorm had created havoc with the Klang – Sentul train service. No wonder the train on that line was packed with commuters and at that hours still a lot of commuters waiting on my side of the station. No wonder as well when I boarded the wet floor of my train indicated that it had passed through a heavy rain. My train also soon was packed. Now, I am sitting next to an Indian, I must say a very tired one, fast asleep with loud music blasting through his earphone. Looking at him sleeping with his mouth open I just hope his stop is Seremban or any station after Kajang as I do not think he would be able to wake up that soon. Not only the music will ‘deft’ him from the arrival announcement his soft snoring indicates he is in a faraway never neverland.

We have reached UKM and my sleeping friend is still in a very deep slumber. I am not trying to be cruel but I could not help felt excited to see his reaction when he wakes up realizing he is in Seremban.

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