Thursday, February 1, 2007

On The Plane, Nov 5-6, 2005

(I wrote this on the plane on route to Amsterdam recently)

MH 0014 KLIA – Amsterdam
Nov 5-6, 2005 (3rd Day of Hari Raya)

We are flying over Poland now and would pass Warsaw in few minutes. In 1 hr and 45 minutes I’ll be in Amsterdam for the second time this year. Our flight was delayed last night we departed KLIA at 12.30am after 45 minutes of waiting. Few minutes after takeoff I was very attentive listening to the announcement from the flight deck as I was hoping the pilot would be my friend. Unfortunately it was not. As usual I spent most of my time during the flight watching movies. I started with Bewitched – Nicole Kidman was a doll and followed by Hostage starring Bruce Willis. Intermission of two hours of sleep, I just could not go to sleep after that, and continued with The Longest Yard, Rebound and to finish off with the documentary on George Micheal. The top deck was half empty as expected and we got extra attention from the flight attendants. This second trip of the year to Amsterdam is for KM Europe, which is now known as KCC Europe. KM Europe last year was really an eye opener and interesting to me and I am expecting this year to be better.

We are scheduled to arrive at 5.37 am local time which is approximately 12.30 pm in Malaysia. The dawn is breaking outside as we approach Schipol Airport and looking outside it never fails to amaze me to see any city from the sky at night. The streetlights and homes forming a perfect quarters that are pleasing to the eyes. Just like watching a finish big jigsaw puzzle from the sky.

We landed safely at Schipol at 5.44am and the temperature out side was 10C.

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