Saturday, February 10, 2007

On The Train, Jan 19, 2006

My friend mentioned to me yesterday that he was taking the train up north to attend his old friend’s funeral. It was a sad news for him but secretly I was also envious of him for taking the train. I told him that late last year a thought crossed my mind to do a solo journey on my own just to enjoy it. Probably I will start by going down south and the subsequent week north. As I was sitting on the train today going home I remembered this and again planned the itenery in my head. Because of the timing probably I had to take the night train again but it really would be something else if I could take the day train. At least I could see lives.

There is a good movement of commuters in the train today. Nice number of people alighting and embarking at various stations making the train comfortable to be in. Most of them, with the exception of few zombies, are ‘alive’ talking, laughing, and yelling into their handphones. It is fun watching them especially when almost from various age groups were represented. I had four different persons sat next to me and I could not help but noticing them peeping over my shoulder wondering what I was typing. If they knew that I am writing about them they could be pissed. A teacher, I guess she is a teacher as her bag and the things she carries give her away, sitting across also keep on looking over. Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the train today is fun and encouraging have to shut down now as the train is about to reach Bangi

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