Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On The Train, May 22, 2009

Today we were discussing about collection building and strategic insights. The first one being having direct implication to our responsibility whereas the second although has direct impact but own by somebody else.

The thinking behind collection building as we know it would mean to identify certain parameters to determine our gaps and requirements. Without going into so much details the new perspectives of today is to make sure we are covering new tools and channels like Facebook, Blogs, Wiki, Webinar, Podcast and the like. Also comprehensiveness today could mean never to physically own a single physical content or any content. The idea of having a distributed collection is a possible reality. Thus we need to have a new paradigm in our thinking process. This brings me to the topic of strategic insights which many thoughts to be conveyed, presented and thought out comprehensively. In this challenged environment comprehensiveness in strategic planning is a misgiving conclusion as well as something that is not possible. How can you deem your plan to be comprehensive with the parameters around it that are fluid and dynamic? Also, too much control and always demanding for ROI would make it worse.

Friday, May 22, 2009

On The Train, May 21, 2009

I was trying to book MAS plane tickets online today but was disturbed by the rule set by MAS to limit online booking to only four persons. I knew the reason of doing this but they should also know that average Malaysian family either would be more than four or culturally would like to travel in group of more than four. By limiting the number posed a problem for me not only I had to do the booking twice but I have to do it in such a way all of us would get on the same flight. Knowing this I decided to drop by at their ticketing office at KL Sentral. When I approached the counter and mentioned my intention to the ticket clerk I was advised politely that the price would be different. Not that surprise but I questioned their objective and modus operandi of having their online booking. In that sense Airasia is helpful as they limit is bigger. I was tempted to state the fact to the lady but I just did not bother so I left them. The morality of all these is that in trying to introduce control MAS forgot about the basic essence of family structure within our culture and consequently failed their customers. Unless that is their target audience for this is not someone who has a family value like me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

On The Train, May 20, 2009

The train arrival board was blinking with Seremban on it when I arrived at the platform indicating that my train would arrive in two minutes. However at the same time an announcement came on to say that the Klang train will be arriving in six minutes. So I did not rush myself as I knew definitely my train would not come around in another half an hour. By now you would have known that KTMB has its own concept of time that nobody else could comprehend. Nevertheless I adapted well so as not to create further aggravations. Just like yesterday the train was only full with commuters at KL Sentral.

I saw two persons reading today and both were ladies. Boys and men were being, at least they thought they were, macho again. I did not know what good that going to be for them.

I was seriously thinking that I have to start to make what I believe and expert in solve real Malaysian problems. I would be a tall order but if I would want to remain certain I have to do it. It is the real test of my raison d’etre.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On The Train, May19, 2009

For whatever reason today I was drained, physically and mentally. There I was sitting in the office late in the evening mentally tired waiting for my laptop to shutdown so that I could go home. Although quantity wise I did not do much but my brain was working overtime. When I boarded the train it was almost empty and I just let loose until I decided to type this.

The train was almost to the full capacity when we were at KL Sentral. Boarded was a group on an Indian youth along with their natural instinct wanting to have fun. But they over did it my putting the handphone speaker on to play their music. Since my ears were plugged I did not mind and enjoying my own music but it could be annoying to others in the train. They got down at Serdang and immediately the train was quiet and everyone was in their own thoughts or tired demeanors. If I had the ability to read minds I could hear all sorts of troubled mind waves crisscrossing in the train. The lady on my left was worried about her event. She keep on looking, thinking and texting to somebody, I guess, about the event. The lady on my right had her mind in never neverland as she was slepping most of the time. A man in front of me was thinking what the hell I was typing he he he. My mind was actually still in a thinking mode rushing from one thought to another. But deep in my mind was the thought of pushing the KM agenda further.

It was at Kajang station when I looked up and out that I saw the evening yellow sunset. My stare was too long and fixed that the girl in front of me thought I was staring at her. The wonder of Allah, thing so simple can be so beautiful. It took away some of the stress.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On The Train, May 5, 2009

I heard the breaking announcement and tried to decipher the meaning but I thought I heard she said the next train is going to Seremban and will be stopping at KL Station, KL Sentral and I thought I heard she mentioned all the stations on Seremban line. That was odd I thought but imagine my surprise when a normal engine train stopped in front f me pulling three normal carriages. I immediately thought this was what the announcement all about Somebody’ who was waiting ahead of me asked the driver and from the way he answered this was our Seremban train. Straight away my thought went to yesterday’s incident and concluded this is KTMB poor replacement of that train. Well at least they are making an effort.

So I stepped onto a hot metal container KTMB called a carriage. I tried to walk down to another carriage but was told it was hot as well so I did not bother and sat myself down to type this piece. When we about to reach KL Sentral an attendant came by to ask where I was going and when I said Bangi he advised me that the last carriage has it’s air conditioner working. I thanked him but did bother to move. I had been in worse so another one won’t matter.

On The Train, May 4, 2009

The 1820 train going home came on time. It was the old train that the seating I like. So with the seat I gotten at KL Station I went into my usual mode. Everything was fine until we were at Kajang station when the train suddenly died and I knew what’s going to happen next. However the driver tried to delay the obvious and after couple of minutes came the dreaded announcement. ‘Kami memohn maafa kearna keretapi ini telah mengalami kerosakan dan tidak akan meneruskan perjalan ke Seremban. Penumpang-penumpang diminta ke platform 3 menaiki keretapi yang akan tiba sebenar lagi.’ What else is new?