Monday, February 12, 2007

On The Train, Feb 8, 2006

The service was delayed this morning. I was not sure whether it was because of extra traffic or the delay caused by the late arrival of the express train. But we made a lot of ‘waitings’ at various stations. I actually arrived at the office around 8 am. I could not have this happening tomorrow as I need to be as early as possible for the KHub launching. I am taking the 9pm train home now and I am late because I need to ensure everything is in place for the launching before going home. As expected less commuters now and I expect it to stay that way all the way home.

I have seen it before and now as I stop typing my travelogue I see a young Malays love birds so engross playing lovers. They are not indecent whatever but they are acting as if nobody else on the train and in front of them. I know they are in love do they have to act that way. Sitting very close to one another with both hands around each others neck I was sick. Call me old fashion but this is certainly not our culture. Not only they are Malays, the lady is wearing a tudong. I have seen worse on the train before. I wish one day I have the guts to ask them to stop acting like that.

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