Saturday, February 3, 2007

On a bus, sort of, Nov 20, 2005

Recently I caught sight of several looking express and executive buses. The latest that I have seen was Durian Burung buses just like the one shown here. I was so impressed with them that I am seriously planning my next family holiday using one of them as my main transportation. As it is, as I like train, I love to own and drive buses as well. Unfortunately for me Malaysian transport law would not allow individual to own and drive a bus. If not I would have own one of those executive bus. As we were driving back from Seremban last night I passed one Durian Burung Executive bus and so impressed we were I decided to cruise along side to admire it. The bus driver must have thought I was trying to create nuisance or something. I was serious thinking that the driver might do something when we luckily pulled out to our exit.

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