Thursday, April 19, 2007

Selera Herba Restaurant, Feb 20, 2007

The Owner, my friend Alim

My handphone buzzed indicating a message coming through just after 1115. The message reads something like ‘We are glad to inform you today is the opening of our new restaurant Selera Herba at Secttion 9, Bangi next to the mosque and we are serving nasi beriani with less cholesterol.’ Two things that enticed me to go. One, it was my friend’s, Alim, new restaurant and second because of the less cholesterol…LOL. On reading the message I immediately informed my wife not to cook lunch. However, since I was a bit tired after the cycling adventure I dozed off for, I thought, a while. I actually woke up at a quarter to 1500.

The Menu

Restaurant Selera Herba is the new kid on the block still minus the usual signage and pomp that normally associated with any new opening. Nevertheless, it was a new restaurant with a difference and minimalist décor that actually suit me. Alim and Ai (Alim’s wife) greeted us as we seated ourselves. The signature dish for this restaurant is Nasi Beriani with your choice of lauk. Apart form that you could also have Nasi Beriani Goreng whih later Fatah ordered for himself. I chose Nasi Beriani Daging and the chicken deprived members of my family ordered chicken beriani. To spice things a little bit I added herba soup. The beriani was delicious and as intended not oily at all. Shortly after we had cleaned our plates Fatah and his mum arrived to join us at the table. For dessert my dear wife ordered Tapai ice cream, I thought at first she would order is as a starter or even the main course, which according to my wife was nice as well. Tapai is my wife’s specialty so I can trust her with her assessment.

So as a conclusion, if you are reading this, I fully recommend you to drop by at Selera Herba Restaurant, Section 9, Bandar Baru Bangi to sample their southern delicacies. Although taste is subjective and if you know that once in my life I had dedicated my life to eating, a lot of eating, I could not be wrong with this one. Yes, as that commercial advert that we familiar with ‘tolong beritahu kawan-kawan dan saudara-saudara kamu suruh bawa kawan-kawan, kawan-kawan kamu dan kawan-kawan kawan-kawan kawan kamu sekali.

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