Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not On The Train, Dec 20, 2006

I drove to work today as I wanted to be very early to get to the office. In the end it did not matter as the presentation did not take place. Actually, I seriously blamed the not so clever Thai’s central bankers who came up with a measure that was not appropriate for the condition we are in now. What happened was what the whole world already knew.

The second ‘bad news’ was the flood in Sounthern part of Malaysia. Worse hit is Johor the very state that we planned to spent our holidays in. We plan Allah decides, so it not meant to be for us this year. I do not wish to risk it so I immediately abandon the plan and channel my energy to find alternatives. The only available option is to go up north yet again.

There was a train broke down at Serdang on the way to work yesterday and it was very bad as commuters forced their way into already crowded train. KTMB really made what already bad situation worse. What was really funny to me was when we got to KL Sentral the driver as usual announced our arrival and apologized on behalf of KTMB. I honestly believe the apologetic announcements together with the announcement of any break down in service are hard coded in their training manual. A must have competency.

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