Thursday, April 5, 2007

On The Train, Nov. 23, 2006

Someone was happily snoring on the way home. I noticed two ladies were reading, and two in front of me were chatters that were animated at times. At MidValley came on board children and only then I was reminded that it was already a school holidays.

‘Miraclessly’ the snorer woke up at his station :))). A young lady too tired and couldn’t be bothered to wait for an empty seat sat on the floor and went to sleep. She was still sitting there when there were several empty seats at UKM. That would be me as well 25 years ago. Happy go lucky and couldn’t careless what people thought of me.

One of the chatters got down at Kajang and I suddenly it was quiet. I kinda missed it and wish they would continue. This actually reminded me of Atak whose best environment to study was in a middle of a great din. I still remember seeing him focus on his notes and books while others around him were practically yelling, laughing and talking loudly. His power of concentration was something else.

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