Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cuti Cuti Malaysia 5: Dec 27 2006, Fifth Day, Wednesday, Kulim, Sg Sedim

We have been there once years ago and I was very sure the place has changed. With Ain as our guide we left around 1000 and it took us about 45 minutes of driving to get there. Indeed the place had changed and I did not remember at all the place that we had been the last time. My objective of going there, apart from the cool waterfall, was to walk the tree top canopy walk that they had just installed quite recently. That exactly was the first thing we did when we got there.

The Tree Top Walk was not like the one you have in either FRIM Forest Park or Gunong Tahan Park, it was a pleasant a yard wide tree top walkway made of steel mesh. Due to the mesh you could see through to the bottom that proved to be a great challenge to my wife. She managed more or less just 50 metres of the walkway. Kak Cik also chickened out at the start. Ain, Nabila, Muiz (my nieces and nephew), Mar and Kakak, marched confidently and to enjoy the walk. The highest point of the walk was 26050 mm above the tree level. We walked slowly with Mar, as always, asking a lot of questions. The kids really enjoyed it as that was our first experience. I could at least could imagine how birds would be flying as high as that. How monkeys would be swinging across trees as you were walking. You are really walking on top of and among the trees. It was just wonderful feeling inhaling the air that is full of oxygen with the sun creeping through the leaves. Soon everyone forgot about the fact that we were a few hundreds feet above the ground. At certain part of the walk all of us were quiet either enjoying the scenery or speechless because of the height. Whatever it is we all seemed to understand the meaning of being there and no words were necessary to describe it. Well, once in a while Mar would look down pointing and ask, ‘Apa tu Abah?’ and at one instance was a big monitor lizard crawling lazily on the ground. It must be really big as it seemed already big from our position. The fall from the top of the tree was breathtaking as you seeing within the thick jungle water flowing as it creeping down engaging the nature along. Moving over multiple dimension of rock formation with ease. I understood more then why water is a powerful force. Sam missed it and could only enjoy the photos that I have taken.

Eventually we had enough of the Tree Top Walk and proceeded to the other main agenda, which was ‘berendam’ session at the Sg Sedim. Like duck to water everyone peeled off their cloth into our respective swimming attire and jump into the cold water. Whenever we were hungry we got out of the water and stuff ourselves to bring a bit of heat into our body and hence ready for the water again. In fact we repeated the process until we were really pleased. (read very cold and ‘kecut’- LOL) with our achievement.

During our ‘berendam’ session we were interrupted by a nice surprise by a group of, I presumed, college students were white water rafting down Sg Sedim.

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