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One Day On The City Train, Feb 1, 2007


I am doing it now, albeit it is not a working day, it is Thaipusam and Federal Territory day holiday. When I mentioned that I was going for a day on a train excursion in Klang Valley I was not expecting any enthusiastic reply from anybody. I was wrong the lady of the house and the girls unanimously said they would love to join me. Even after I said I’ll be leaving at the first crack of dawn. In fact yesterday I found out Fatah would join us as well. Here we are now on the southbound Komuter train to Seremban. We caught the 0710 train at Bangi just now. I have no strict plan for the day but basically going to Seremban from Bangi, having breakfast in Seremban, on board from Seremban straight to the end of the line Rawang and back to KL Sentral. I will decide later at KL Sentral what would be our next line and destination.


We were expecting Fatah at Nilai station but instead Imah is with him as well so now there are 7 or us. Looking around not many people actually traveling towards Seremban. Again maybe it is the holiday.


We always see the Labu (direct translation means Pumpkin) station from the road whenever we are going to Seremban or PD using the inner state road. Now we are within the bowel of the station and joking about Labu. As uninteresting as it may seems to all of us it is a station for somebody and place called home for a lot of people. To the uninitiated Labu would be ‘cowboy town’ but to the residents some of them that’s what they all have, their pleasure and life. The eyes of outsiders always misjudge or have misplaced view.


Kak Cik mispronounced it as Tirai but of course it is Tiroi which I could not place in my mental map. I just know it is there along the route. Everyone else is quiet on the train except for us. We are no doubt a happy and optimist group which obviously indicates that we have a different objective being on the train today compare to them. To them it may be just a journey to somewhere or even a chore. To us it is an exploration of discovering possibilities.


It was perfect timing for breakfast when we arrived in Seremban and now we are having breakfast at NKI’s Bistro, a mamak nasi kandar like joint, which is right in front of the Seremban Parade. I think it is a new Bistro as it was not there the last time I was in Seremban.

We are leaving and while closing my laptop only I realised a strong present of TMnet Wireless service. Soon we are walking back to the station.


We are on board the Seremban line again heading for Rawang. While trying to get more information before purchasing our tickets I realize that it is cheaper to buy the Day Tourist Pass of RM12 and RM6 for adult and children respectively. The mathematics is simple as it is RM8.10 one way to Rawang. The biggest advantage paying the day ticket is that we can break our journey anywhere along the route and do whatever we fancy to do. Before boarding everyone stops at the newsstand to buy their favorite readings. I do not have my book with me as I am concentrating of the travel.


We are at Tiroi again and now looking outside I figure out where exactly it is.
Various stations are coming up fast. 0855 at Labu and 0901 at Nilai where the commuters started to build up. Semarak at 0904, Batang Benar at 0907.

The trend continues at Bangi, UKM, Kajang, Serdang, and Bandar Tasek Selatan. The obvious difference is that most of the commuters today are happy faces compare to the sour, sleepy and moody commuters that I normally used to going to work everyday.

‘Mar, finish your homework cepat!’ Yes, my wife actually brought Mar’s homework with us.


In the pack train now, at Bandar Tasek Selatan, I sense that everyone, my family, is bored and to continue to Rawang would become a chore to them so we decide to change our plan.


At KL Sentral we get down and walk out to explore the place a little bit and while at it again I decide it would make more sense to go to KLCC instead. Which means we are taking the Putra line. It is a first time experience for most of them.


There aren’t too many people waiting on the platform and I gather it would be the same inside the train. The Putra line is a different experience compare to the Komuter although all of us are standing we do not mind as we know the journey is short and further more the train is standing friendly train. I once actually witnessed a lady perfectly sleeping while standing on this train. I am not kidding it is the truth. In fact she swayed together with the train.


‘Abah, why is the train going underground’, Kak Cik is asking me.
‘Because of the road infrastructure and the route make it more sense to build underground’.
‘There isn’t any station at KLCC?’
‘Yes, we are going to stop at the bowel of KLCC’


We walk out of the KLCC station towards the mall.
‘Hei! that is neat’ pointing towards the mural of the wall along the passageway. ‘Let’s play tourist and take photos here.’


I have a personal reason to be at KLCC as I am going to admire Latif Mohidin’s latest works at the Petronas Gallery. I must say the abstracts are splendid and brilliant as any very good artist could produce.
‘Ada ambil gambar firework tu dulu tak?’ one friendly staff of the gallery breaks my concentration admiring of the abstracts. With my Nikon sling across my shoulder I could be either a true photographer or just a showoff to someone. Either one I am fine.
‘Karya Latif Mohidin ni cukup halus dan penuh erti. Orang sastera yang cintakan bahasa memang halus kerjanya.’
‘Encik galakan anak encik berkarya dengan apa jua alatnya. Jangan paksa dan terlalu nak mengajar biar identity seninya lahir sendiri.’
‘Memang saya setuju. Saya pun cuba tidak membetulkan hasil-hasil karya anak saya. Biar mereka mengasah bakat mereka sendiri tanpa kongkongan peraturan-peraturan yang ‘betul’ untuk menghasilkan karya.’


Everyone seems to be hungry thus we walk to the centre food court.


Sam, Kakak and Imah decide not to join us to go to the Petrosains. I have been to the Petrosains twice already and this is going to be the third which I am very sure I am going to enjoy once again. I know it would be fun for Kak Cik and Mar.
At the entrance the volunteer suggest for us to buy a package entrance fee for Petrosains and World of Speed. Fatah is good enough to pay for the entrance fee. We walk into Petrosains SPEED.

SPEED is really good and I recommend everybody to go.


We climb the car, mechanical car, and start our journey into the world of oil and gas. The Kak Cik and Mar almost explore everything and they are committed to stop at every experiment booths to learn. What is encouraging to me is when they volunteer themselves during the ‘show’.
I the middle of all this I manage to squeeze few badly needed zzzzzzzzzzzz. You should have seen me sitting there on one of the benches unconscious.


We walk out and straight to where the girls are. While the girls and the rest waiting in the Cold Storage Kak Cik and I walk to the Surau.
Of course we decide it is still early and walk down to the KLCC Putra station to go back to KL Sentral. As of now we are keeping our option open. The Putra line is a bit busy than this morning but we manage to get in and stay together.
Arriving at KL Sentral Kakak says Fatah is going to MidValley.
‘Ok if you are all going then Mum, Mar and I will take the Port Klang train’
‘Who wants to go to MidValley?’
‘I thought you are?’
‘No, I am not’
‘Ok if that is the case all of us will go to Port Klang’
‘Ok. Since it is a bit crowded here let us cross to the next platform and take a train down to KL Station and board Port Klang train from there.’
‘Let’s do it!’


The train is crowded as well and the majority of the passengers are Indians returning from Batu Cave I presume. We are lucky as most of them disembark at KL Sentral and we have our seats.


‘Baru sampai Angkasapuri?’
The packed train and the heat are beginning to have an effect on me.
‘I am very tired and sleepy I think I am going to sleep.’


‘Where are we?’ ‘Port Klang’
‘You mean I slept all the way?’
‘ Lucky for everyone you did not snore.’
Walking out of the station,’nak pergi mana ni Bah?’
‘Ntah tak tahu, jom kita relak kat KFC tu kejap.’


We walk of the KFC and make a line towards the jetty. At the jetty we can see a lot of people are still waiting. We presume they are mostly Indons going home to Sumatera as at the time the ferry service to Pulau Ketam has closed for the day.
After reliving ourselves at the nearby restroom we board the train that is already waiting on the platform.
By now the journey home is not that interesting for everyone. We are just basically enjoying ourselves talking and joking with one another.

o Port Klang 1917
o Jalan Kastam
o Kampung Raja Uda
o Teluk Gadong
o Teluk Pulai
o Klang
o Bukit Badak
o Padang Jawa
o Shah Alam
o Batu Tiga
o Subang Jaya
o Setia Jaya
o Seri Setia
o Kampung Dato Harun
o Petaling
o Pantai Dalam
o Angkasapuri
o KL Sentral
o Kuala Lumpur

I purposely sit away from my family during this last stretch home from KL Station as I want to concentrate writing this. Normally in doing this at this hour I would be in my office attire and with different set of commuters. I first thought that I would not feel the difference but I am wrong. As soon as I open up my laptop I could sense it already. For one I can see more eyes are looking at me typing away. I guess normally they are expecting me to do this but not these commuters. On the average there are a lot of long distance commuters going home to either Nilai or Seremban. From their conversation my guess more to Seremban.
Thinking about it taking this train to some maybe a non issue and a natural routine. But to those that are observant it could mean seeing things from different perspective which what I really interested in. Looking at something as a routine blinded you from new discovery. Just like taking the train routinely would set your expectation of the next station and the next station giving no thoughts to what actually different about the stations in daily basis. No surprises to you. But if you care to look at things from different set of eyes you can discover a lot of new things. Entrained thought is our enemy to learning most of the times. I guess that is why certain KM interventions are not successful because we tend to look at knowledge transfer or even creation as a routine thing rather then trying to contextualize the process. In this case then knowledge reusability means creating an environment where knowledge assets could be reused for different context.

o KL Sentral
o Mid Valley
o Seputeh
o Salak Selatan
o Bandar Tasik Selatan
o Serdang
o Kajang
o Bangi 2123


Our day on a train ended as we walk out of the Bangi station. To me I just had a nice day sitting on the train to the rest I am not sure.

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