Thursday, April 19, 2007

Engagement and such (PD), Mar 10-11, 2007

The first time in my life I was asked to become the spoke person for an engagement. It may not a big deal to some; still, it was a big event for me. It was the engagement of my wife’s nephew and I had to negotiate on his behalf.

We rendezvous at Ngah’s place around 1245 as planned before we drove down to PD. Abang Mat mentioned to me the latest on the dates that necessitate me to reevaluate my strategy. As usual somebody had to be late and as I did not wish to make the other party to wait for us I decided with others to depart and promised to meet up at Telok Kemang’s mosque. As usual I floored the escalator and sped down to PD and as usual within half and hour I was there already.

The engagement went well although the Tn Hj, the other side spoke person, trying to tease me I equal to the task. Maybe he was expecting somebody older. What amazed me was not really the engagement but yet another discovery of life beyond the road frontage. A kampong, Kg Telok Kemang, is striving beyond the road that most of us familiar with when we were in PD. As a passerby we stereotype just think what we see in front of us and never beyond. We forget even the adage ‘do not judge the book by its cover’.

That night we camped at Ancasa Apartment and late evening decided to drive down to Melaka for ikan bakar.

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