Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On The Train, 12 Dec, 2006

The crowd rushed in at KL Sentral changing the aura of the train instantly. I thought it was going to be a nice quiet ride home when I boarded but then the usual noise prevailed. Just like yesterday now it is common to hear at least two different languages on the train. If not some Indonesian dialects and Vietnamese it would be Urdu and Burmese. Or any combination of those. I have not had the opportunity to hear all the four in one ride yet. I can tell you it would be the day.

Office works seems to be slowing down but not necessarily less. Today I was on the thinking mode most of the day. In part preparing myself for the last major presentation of the year and the other part the responsibilities for 2007. The thinking mode prevailed on the train and trying to be observant on the train was a challenge. I continued on Stranger On A Train but decided to quit after the writer became too reflective and descriptive about her life. I was reading her travel on the Amtrak’s Sunset Limited from Jacksonville, Florida to Tucson and she was just boarded. Her description of the train was totally different from the train that I am in now. However, one thing is universal, even the Amtrak, the train was never on time

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