Thursday, April 19, 2007

On The Train (Tired, Sport Day and Nostalgic Fool), Feb 26, 2007

I was so sleepy going home today and the thought of having a snoring session in a crowded train somehow forced me to stay awake. I barely managed it in between yawning and falling asleep while typing. It was the same thing when I was in the office today. I just do not know what’s causing it but a hectic weekend contributed to it. On Sunday I went cycling again with the gang and playing football the same evening. The day before that I was at Kak Cik’s sport day under the hot sun taking photographs of the sport day and in the evening playing football. My dear wife did warn me that I was not what it used to be and advised me to take it easy. Well, I am to proud to admit and stubborn man what can I say…LOL.

Still, Kak Cik’s sport day was very interesting. Not because of all the events being competed but more of the occasion itself. It was held in their school padang that created an atmosphere of close togetherness. Everything seems to happen at the same time close to one another. On the main section of the field the 100 meters dash was in progress with young athletes running over a water clogged tracks. At the same time telematch kind of events were taking place at the other end of the field for standard one, two and three students. The rest of the students on the other side in house colors cheering in earnest to encourage their runners. Parents were no less mobile jockeying for nice views and place to observe and take photograph of their children performing. I was in the thick of all these enjoying myself. The running and the competitiveness made me compare it to the scène in SWALK when Mark Lester was running in the 200 meters with the others yelling close to the lines. Of course with the Bee Gees blaring ‘To Love Somebody’ as background music. Just like that while shooting for good shots I got connected with the past from different times of my life. Childhood days in Bukit Galing Camp, Kuantan, growing up in SDAR, the days when I was in college and as a young man joining the rat race. So who’s to say children sport day is boring…..

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