Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Graveyard, Mar 15, 2007

I just stood there staring at everyone hard at work burying my cousin. My thought was everywhere thinking about life, future and current state of affair. I saw my aunt seemed to be fine helping where she can but I know she was shattered inside and she could not hide that from me. I also overheard behind me my cousin’s wife was talking to my uncle about my cousin. Trying to ignore the conversation was hard but at least I can sense the wife was ok. I also sense another being was or were there with us I hope they were praying for my cousin.

The talqin was read and doa recited in the end everyone left except a few of us who still had a last rite to perform. As predicted there was my aunt crying and kissing the batu nisan. It wrenched my heart my other cousins and I quickly went to console her. I sat facing the grave, squashed he earth and did the best I can to say my last prayer to my cousin.So tragic, so unexpected, so sad but life goes on……..

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