Thursday, April 5, 2007

On The Train, Nov 27, 2006

I was invited to be a panel in one local librarian’s conference organized by the PNM. I was supposed to share my thoughts and experience on how to improve and enhance the profession. The panel discussion was at the Felda Dewan Perdana.

I had a very early morning meeting and not wanting to be late for the conference. Because of that I decided to drive to work. In the end I was late all the same. As I had to engineer a back to back meetings where I actually finished the second one at 1130. I tried to zid zag across town but the traffics did not cooperate with me. To make matters worse I actually made a wrong turn and had to back track. I thought I knew where the place was.

What did I share? Basically the same common sense of good attitude and to be more business like in our effort. That may be short but it was a fact that most people take for granted. Met two of my x-students there.

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