Thursday, April 19, 2007

On The Train, Feb 23, 2007

I was at the meeting today helping one government agency with their ‘knowledge centre’ initiative. As usual they started out with the right set of problem statements to necessitate KM program but tried to find solution with technology. I can understand where they are coming from and I can certainly understand their predicament as it is not their fault to think that way. If I were to be in their position I would think and do the same as well. The attendance of the meeting was interesting to me by itself as it got me connected with my colleagues from past working lives. We are definitely connected socially and getting the meeting going and to come out with great dissuasion and input was easy. In a way we are communities of practice that just got together by the situation and invitation. Because of the connectedness as well the environment was conducive for knowledge sharing and transfer to happen.

At the meeting as well I got to know that more or less our organization is the benchmark in Malaysia as far as KM is concern. I would want to believe it is because of our holistic implementations which internally some of us do not understand still. Otherwise we are a good talker and seller of what we are doing to the outside world. The lack of this understanding probably we do not see how far we have gone with our initiatives.

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