Friday, April 27, 2007

On The Plane, April 17, 2007

MH 0072 KLIA – Hong Kong – 0915-1300

Fatah was good enough to send me to KLIA very early in the morning. As usual I checked straight away and the time was 0710.

We touched down safely at Hong Kong International Airport at 1245. Hong Kong was gloomy and cloudy as if trying to say that I am about to receive a not so good news.

I was on the Hong Kong Airport Express Train when I received the sad news about my dear friend. I was sad and down for a while thinking about him and certainly was not enjoying or aware of my ride into Kowloon.

With a free afternoon at 1500 we went out to check Hong Kong Island. We took the ferry, with the fare at HKD 1.70, there and in no time we were walking into the heart of the island. Initially Kevin wanted to take me to the Hollywood Road to check out some antique shops. However, along the way while trying to find our way around Kevin told me about, possibly, the longest escalator in the world. I was intrigued and became very interested instantly. But of course the first challenge is to find the start which we after navigating the maze within the bowel of Hong Kong.

It was really unbelievable until you see it for yourself so much so we went all the way to the very top. It you have very weak knee don’t ever climb it without having enough hours on it. One thing for sure people in Hong Kong do not need to go to the gym or taking any serious sport to stay healthy as walking up and down gave me a very good cardio vascular exercise. Along the way I discovered the real Hong Kong and a bonus of finding 84 year-old Jamia Mosque.

Back at Kowloon and after a dinner of a not so good Paskitani dinner at Chungking House we decided to watch the nightly light show from the promenade. Sadly the not so spectacular light show was made worse by the cloudy weather.

Sleep was easy because I was tired but I my friend’s condition kept coming back to me.

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