Thursday, April 19, 2007

On The Train (On a LIM bus through Sikamat Valley). Mar 16, 2007

I felt it was realy a chore going to work this morning but I braved it telling myself I got certain responsibilities to fulfill. The trust that others have on me so sacrosanct that pulled me through the day.

Going home in the evening was like traveling in a LIM bus on the Sikamat road. Since there was only one LIM bus plying the Sikamat road it was packed to the seam all the time. The combination of jostling, body heat and the stagnant air created unbearable situation to most. The worst for us was that the driver simply picked his own sweet time to start the engine and move. To improve the situation we cracked, both, real funny and ‘belia’ jokes. While on the move the bus looked like a solid bun sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes falling out at the edge. Even one joker suggested that all of us should lean on one side at a very tight turn so that the bus would overturn. Back then we did it just for the fun of it not thinking about catastrophe at all. That’s how I felt going home on the train today.

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