Sunday, April 15, 2007

On The Train, Feb. 7, 2007

I was not sure what had happened but I had to stand, yet again, all the way to KL. I was really pissed off because of it but later realized it was a blessing in disguise. The situation forces me to read and read I did.

I got off at Bank Negara station and decided to buy nasi lemak for breakfast. I have not had nasi leak for quite a while now and I just thought I have one. I did not think much about it until I was in the office unloading my rucksack when I hold up the nasi lemak it was dawned on me that I had really moved on since the last 40 years. I used to pay RM0.10 of the same quantity of nasi lemak when I was in my primary school compare to RM1 that I just paid. With that I just sat at my table for a few minutes staring outside looking at the train passing by reminiscing old days. It is indeed amazing to me to realize how times seem to fly by you just like that. I mean just last night I found out my school mate has just gotten his Datoship, the one given by Sultan, and not long now we will get the real Datuk title. Looking at my children behaving I could be the first..LOL.

I was a bit late going home. Just like riding on a train, where we have to be cognizant of all the happenings around us to make it more interesting, we have to be able to look beyond the obvious to detect weak signals in managing project. Again it is proven today to make sure we can achieve that we have to continuously listen and talk to one another to understand issues and solve problems. We have to allow dynamic human interaction to flourish to ensure knowledge transfer and sharing to be natural. On my part, no mater what, I have to communicate and converse to stay connected within the dynamics.

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