Thursday, April 12, 2007

On The Train, Jan 8, 2007

If ever you want to make sure you have a good start to a week do not take the Komuter train. Everyone on the Seremban line paid the price today for trusting KTMB to be professional and customer centric in their service.

I was early, I wanted to be early to the office today to have a good start, and I got to the station on time to board the 0631 train. The train came a bit late and from the distant I could see the headlight and slowly approaching. The train seemed to be getting slower as it approached the station and eventually coming to a silent halt a bit further away that suited me fine. I was the first to enter and got the seat that I wanted but as I sat down the train getting even quieter and I could sense something was wrong and I just knew the dreaded will eventually come and it did. The train was deemed to be broken and not going anywhere anymore for the day. We were asked to get out and wait for the next train on the next platform.

If I were to be working for KTMB then and wearing the uniform standing among the commuters I knew I would not be save from flinching. All around me people were complaining aloud about KTMB and most of the complaints are not printable here. You can guess what happened after that from UKM station to BNM it was a sardine can. The three things that saved my day were I got a seat, my book and a bunch of Indonesians school children that somehow managed to transport me to an experience of taking a train in Indonesia :).

It was no better going home as I boarded a very hot sardine can. Just imagine traveling in a sardine can called KTMB Komuter from Bank Negara to Bangi with no aircon. ANY KTMB FOLKS READING THIS???????

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