Thursday, April 5, 2007

On The Train, Dec 5, 2006

I started on Stranger On The Train by Jenny Diski this morning on the way to work and thought of continuing it on the way home. However, the urge to write got the better of me because I met someone that I had not met for quite sometimes today.

I bought around RM320 worth of books with my family at MPH yesterday I was still not satisfied at the end of it. I just could not get the ones that I really needed so today just before closing for the day I decided to go to Borders at Times Square. Of course Borders was totally a different experience compared to MPH and very aware of the limited time that I had I quickly browse through the collections. As I was engrossed suddenly I realized time was running really fast for me and I decided to go to the information counter to ask the clerk to do a search for me. When I approached the desk at the ground floor I saw someone there already that I suspected I knew. I was right as Pisal straight away stared at me and greeted each other. Pisal is my friend who used to work for UPM Coop. I have not met him since I left the SC. The search only came back with two books and we quickly went around locating and paid for the books. This time I spent RM200 and I busted my book sales quota already.

Since we had quite a bit to catch up we adjourned to the Starbuck for a chat and coffee. Pisal now is running a retail bookstore at UITM Merbok. I promised to pay him a visit the next time I am up north. We said goodbye at 1935 and I took the Monorail to KL Sentral. A very loud group of school girls on holidays boarded at KL Sentral. Indeed they were very loud but I ignored them as usual. I am so use to all these already.

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