Sunday, April 1, 2007

KM Asia, SUNTEC Convention Centre, Singapore, Nov 9, 2006

Steve Bealing’s Workshop was a Cognitive Edge workshop. So as expected it was what Dave Snowden has been talking about. The reason I was in the workshop was to be convinced of the Cognitive Edge perspective as well as to keep tap on something new. The end result was I understand it better and at the same time pretty sure it would be hard to convince people to go that route. We may be able to embed some of the elements but certainly not the whole framework.

The evening session was with Dave Gurteen and Dave decided to abandon his initial plan to a workshop by opening up free flow guided discussion. Of course the end result benefited those that are still early in the game but not so much to those that are already in the journey. All not lost for me though as I was assured by the rest that we still need KM. No matter what you call it

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