Thursday, April 12, 2007

On The Train, Jan 22, 2007

I have not been writing and posting quite regularly lately and all this due to my stubbornness to finish my travelogue first. Today I’d just decided to try to write something although I did not have a clue to what yet. Looking at things around me there was nothing worth writing really. So far it was just the usual incompetence KTMB and it’s so called services, if we can call what they ditched out to us are services. I am becoming very critical of them as I aspect the year 2007 would the year where could really improve their service. Unless the celebrated Visit Malaysia Year 2007 is not big enough for KTMB. The ‘service was so unreliable in the morning and getting infectious in the evening. In fact one morning last week I had to stand all the way to KL Sentral all because the train was late. Now I am in a very packed train going home. Those regular commuters who had not yet to pick up reading as a very good train companion are clearly suffering.

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