Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mountain Bikers on the Road, Feb 20, 2007

It has been few weeks now and consistently there are four of us on every Sunday morning cycling around our township. Actually I meant to do it for quite sometimes already but never came to it until few other cyclists in Putra Terrace brought up the idea. It just happened one Sunday morning and now the regulars, Mazri, Din aka Acong, Zul and myself, are busy recruiting others to join us. We have not been that successful yet nevertheless we made progress with our cycling. We started with cycling around BSP and Bukit Mahkota, graduated to include Nilai 3 and yesterday the three of us, Acong, Mazri and myself, went out to UKM. That was the furthest and toughest so far and we loved it. We have set ourselves a target of Putra Jaya, Seremban and PD as indication of progress.

Yesterday was unexpected and not planned. While we were just cycling around BSP Acong suggested UKM and Mazri and I being gung-ho yelled yes. So off we went expecting it to be just a nice straight cycling with minor climbs here and there. Boy! Only if we knew what Acong had in mind and inkling of how UKM terrains were. To me it was a nice surprise and we were totally not prepared. I can tell you now although we were tired it was fulfilling. We doing that route again this Sunday.

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