Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On The Train, Dec 14, 2006

I was surprised to find out that there wasn’t any seat when I boarded to work. I was told before this could happen on the 0704 train but I would not think so during the school holidays. I was already resigned to stand all the way and took out my book to read. Fortunately for me somebody close to where I was standing got down at Kajang. I squeezed myself in and continued reading. I was too engross reading and could not stop until Bank Negara station.

I had a meeting in PJ and took my ride home at KL Sentral. I thought I would do the usual thing of going back to KL station to wait but I got lazy. That means braving the crowd and an opportunity for me to pick up on my reading.

Stranger On A Train got better pages after pages and I was happy reading until Bangi. There were two Caucasians standing next to me and were talking in earnest in an European language that I could not identified. The thing is between my reading and eaves dropping on their conversation created a synergy. As if I was transported into the reality on the world I was reading. The sense of being in a train in foreign land was real.

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