Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cycling, Death, Wedding, Futsal and Memory Lost, Weekend (Mar 3&4), 2007

A lot happened in one weekend which left me very tired. The weekend hectic schedule actually started that Friday night where we went for bowling at Alamanda. We arrived home past midnight and I had to wake up very early for my weekly cycling to UKM.

The four of us cycled as usual to UKM and Saturday is not the best day as there were a lot of traffics on the road. We were cycling on Saturday instead od SUday because of one of us would be going back ‘balik kampung’ on Sunday. The route was a bit easier for me now and we should be graduating to a tougher one now. While we were resting at our usual midway place we received a text message informing us of the passing away of our neighbor. After resting a bit we rushed home maintaining a bit faster speed all the way. When we arrived home there were already few colleagues at the neighbor’s place visiting giving their last respect. Din and I decided t take our bath first before going there.

The passing of my neighbor was not unexpected in away as she had been diagnosed and fighting the big C for quite sometimes already. But expected or not death is still something that is hard to deal with. We help where we can.At 1400 I drove to Gombak for the wedding of my former student Norazlina Dol. We arrived when the bridegroom and bride were busy with their photography session already indicating that the ceremony was almost coming to an end. We started to eat immediately and the food were nice. I met three of my other x-students. When I looked around I realized we were one of the last group that came to the wedding. After we had finished eating we congratulated the bride and left for home.

That night we went to play futsal at NIlai which supposed to be a friendly match against Melati. I said supposed because only six of us turned up from PT and most of us had to play the full one hour. Now if you add up all the hours so far I won’t blame you if you were to agree with my wife’s statement that ‘you are not that young anymore you know to do all the super things in one day.’ I just smiled a very tired person’s smile.

Well, that was not the end as that Sunday morning I woke up early to coach our Under 15 football team. I was really tired then by still I forced myself as I had promised the kids to coach time that morning. After we had done I took a nap, a power nap.Something very strange and odd happened to me in the evening when I wanted to withdraw some money. I was standing in front of the ATM with my ATM card and my memory went blank. I could not remember my pin number at all. I just could not remember anything at all.

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