Thursday, March 1, 2007

On The Train, Aug 29, 2006

My dear neighbor passed away suddenly yesterday. Not really tragic but unexpected all the same. I do not know whether there’s such a thing as a good death but my neighbour ‘went’ peacefully and suddenly without any prolong sickness. We visited him to pay our last respect and witnessed the ‘last rite’. As any other death I was moved and reminded how I bathe, ‘clothed’ and buried my own father.

I manages a few mailing lists, and part of many at the same time, and somehow I could not hide how amaze I am observing a similar trend happening in all of them. One is currently going through that active cycle that includes the usual heated debate on something that is passionate to most members. This particular one is on the subject of unemployment within our own profession that somehow managed to bring out a lot of people into the surface. At least it is good for the mailing list after a long while of hardly any news. Funny enough the pattern of the debate includes certain similarity of it being political, judgmental, emotional and at times nonsensical. As a moderator I allow it to continue as I see it as healthy for the minds.

I caught the 1911 train home, a bit late as I had a lot of catching up to do. The train was pleasantly empty and the ride home was smooth and comfortable. When I was scanning the coach I realized there were a lot of ladies on the train. Unusual? Well, yes, as it was so obvious.

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