Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On The Train, Oct. 16, 2006

Baqir went in and out of clinics and hospital over the weekend and still no conclusive results to his condition. He looked as healthy as he can be and the reading also confirmed that his fever had already receded. But his blood platelet reading still a yoyo and he is getting fed up with the ‘dracula’ (nurses and doctors) sucking his blood everyday. The clincher was today when his reading was at 80 at the poliklinik and was immediately transferred to Putrajaya Hosiptal to be admitted and while there his blood was taken again for another reading and it went upto 92 and the good doctor there discharged him. As a father I am of course worried about him. However, I suspect this is not a normal ‘sickness’ and later I was proven to be right.

Today is Kakak’s birthday and I thought of taking my family out for dinner but with Baqir’s condition I have to postpone it to tomorrow.

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