Thursday, March 1, 2007

On The Train, Sept. 28, 2006

KTMB did it again. For four consecutive Ramadan now there are service disruptions in the evening. What ever the reason they’ve never learnt. They just love to see their customers suffer. The train arrived at Bank Negara station at 1834 and instantly I knew I would arrive at Bangi around 1930. I do not mind the late iftar but most other muslims on the train would probably not. I would not think that the management of the KTMB would think it a good customer relationship sense to provide free food for all these ‘stranded’ commuters. Again no knowledge management sense in the part of KTMB.Talking about KM looking around in the train it is a fact that almost 90 of the commuters carry a mobile phone and most of them are or the younger generation. This reminded me of a discussion on knowledge sharing in one of the mailing list that I am part of. The use of the technologies like the handphone is so prevalent among the new generation that makes some of us wonder how knowledge sharing would take place in the future. I am very sure it is going to be different, not only the difference in methods and format but perspectives and perception as well. Looking at how technology developed one possibility is that knowledge sharing would be expected and at times forced by the technology it self. Nevertheless it would be a very interesting future.

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