Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On The Train and Plane, Nov 6, 2006

The last time I was in Singapore was in 2003 and it has been 3 years. I boarded the KLIA Express that left KL Sentral at exactly 1630.

Yesterday I received a bad news from our colleague that Faridah succumbed to her illness and passed away at 1800 on Saturday. I visited her last few months, I wrote about it, and at that time she was ‘put to sleep’ by the doctor so that she could rest. She was pale and had difficulty breathing and we were praying hard for her recovery. Deep down however I knew we were really asking for a miracle of Allah to happen and I urged y friends to pray for her. Now she has gone the happy and joyful Farid, as we fondly called her, and we are going to miss her.

I am bad at remembering people now and I feel bad about it when somebody approached me as I arrived at the departure hall. The person is going to Singapore and up even until I was already inside terminal C I could not remember who the person was and when I have met him. At the terminal C I just straight away did my things until I was bored sitting around. I when around the terminal until I decided to board the flight, MH 607.

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