Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On The Train, Oct 12, 2006

Due to the invoked rain for the past two days it is a bit pleasant to look out at the sky. Another week about to end and it has been three weeks of Ramadan now. Times fly like a speed of light it seems sometimes. I did not write anything yesterday as I got caught up with something else. I did not have time to read the normal blogs that I read everyday either. But today I found out one blog that was somehow brought down for personal reason was up again. The personal reason was love, broken love that is, and I really pity the person. I think I was in love once or twice while growing up. That only if you can classify a seven and ten year old infatuations as love. I guess I did not really fall in love until I met my wife. Even then I won’t classify it as plutonic love. Both of us just knew we love each other. You must be wondering where is this story about love leading to? Well, could love be a good reason for innovation. Motivation certainly, creativity certainly, innovation?

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