Wednesday, March 7, 2007

On The Train, (Crowded House), Oct 6, 2006

A very crowded train on the way home and in that situation it never ceases to amaze me to discover that there are a lot of idiots among us. I use idiots because they never learned to be considerate to others. One instance some just rushed and crushed in without giving way for people to disembark first. Idiots because some just talk too loud to almost everyone’s annoyment. I managed to get a seat at KL Sentral and I sat myself in front of a young Malay couple, my guess is college students that think they were the only love birds in the world. Worst enough they ignored us but for God sake it is Ramadan.

The sub-title of this piece Crowded House reminded me of the group and their song ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’

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