Thursday, March 1, 2007

On The Train (Complexity), Sept 5, 2006

I came from PJ and just missed the immediate train to Seremban as I arrived at KL Sentral. So I crossed to the next platform to catch the Sentul train back to KL station. This maneuver actually guaranteed me a seat at KL Sentral. A Mak Cik who was on the phone talking sat next to me while I was still reading. I decided to use my laptop and once I have opened it she stopped talking to her handphone. From the corner of my eyes I could see she was watching me and looking at my small machine she asked me how much that it cost me. I told her and she was amazed as she said she had just bought an Acer that cost her bit more then mine. I wanted to start typing but she kept on watching and wanting to converse. So I opened something else and started to think to ignore her. Well, not that I hate her or something it was just that I need to write my thoughts and I did not wish to be observed. Ironic right? The observer does not like to be observed. Human is complex and that is why any ideal intervention on human system would fail if we introduce strict structured solution.

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