Thursday, March 1, 2007

On The Train, Sept. 18, 2006

I could feel the effect of the cleaning process. Now I really understand what Kak Sofi meant when she said of the feeling of emptiness. I felt I was dragging everything today and at same times floating. I felt I was really floating. On the train home I sat by the window and continued to read 'In Between Places' until I felt bored. My guess the boredom was more of this reaction of emptiness. I booted up my laptop and tried to write something. After a few minutes of typing I got bored again so I opened my windows player and let the Bee Gees free to fill the air. My next traveling companion was reading and she seemed to be disturbed by the song. I do not know if it was because the Bee Gees, the song or the disturbance that I am introducing. After Serdang she actually abandoned her seat to seek her privacy. For once I couldn’t care less. It was not me.

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