Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On The Train, Nov 1, 2006

With all the train rides everyday and typing this it is already November and another month would be another year for us. Time really flies for us, it is faster each year for us because every each new day we are running to be faster. Computers are becoming powerful and faster forcing us to do more things faster, may not be better, handphones make the world even global forcing us to constantly communicating with each other all the time. Systems, applications, and social software compounded the situation by allowing us to even learn faster. But we have to even unlearn faster. Boundaries and times (odd hours) have different meaning now forcing us again to be on our toes to ensure we are competitive and not lagging behind. Service providers continuously boast of providing round the clock services getting to you through all kinds of pervasive devices. Subconsciously our brains are also entrained to work faster that consequently contribute to the population to age faster. If we are not careful by the age of 50 most of us are brain tired already. That is why I agree with most people that say technology can help us access information faster and better but not necessarily enable us to learn faster. Why do you think that despite all the technology in the world the ‘Teh Tarik’ session is still very popular? History has proven that learning and thus knowledge sharing is very much social.

I took the 1954 train home at KL Sentral and it was almost empty with the usual characters doing their own things. Reading, sleeping, day dreaming, looking out into space and typing like me.

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