Thursday, March 1, 2007

On The Train, Aug 30, 2006

The train was full and I was not surprised as most of the KL population are going somewhere for the Merdeka celebration. However what surprised me was that a lot of them were not really Malaysian but Indonesian. To them it was not about the Merdeka but just a very good reason to have a party. Somehow it proved to be not a healthy development as partying to most of them meant drinking and sometimes being a nuisance to Malaysians. At the same time those Malaysian that have gone to these Merdeka concerts and celebration also would not really know what Merdeka is. From a knowledge point of view I do not think we are Merdeka. In fact a lot of us are actually selling our knowledge assets away cheaply. Also, being knowledgeable means we can parade our brains to the highest bidders. Certainly after 49 years some of our values have gone from bad to worse.

I was thinking of taking my family somewhere but I did not have any idea where.

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