Thursday, March 1, 2007

On The Train (The demise of a very good story teller), Sept 6, 2006

I thought and wish it was just another hoax but sadly it is a reality. Yes, I am talking about the untimely death of the man worldwide known as The Crocodile Hunter. When I read the confirmation of his death I honestly thought it would be just another death that not going to effect me. How wrong I was. Until now I cannot stop thinking about it. I really admire this guy for being passionate with what he believes in and willing to go all to way to make whatever he was doing successful. I could not remember the first time I saw him but it was through his Crocodile Hunter series and I was just captivated with his tenacity and antics. I could straight away could tell how passionate he was with the animal most of us would not even dare to hear about. I admire him even more when I knew he is very much a family man who loves his family dearly. He kept a healthy life of sleeping and getting up early, no drinking and anything that is considered to be negative. He was, as they say, one hell of a story teller that managed to captivate children as well as adult like me all over the world. I think children would miss him most. As I said without giving it much thought I miss this Ozzie and the world is one story teller less

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