Wednesday, March 7, 2007

On The Train, (@ d Crossroad), Oct. 4, 2006

This morning on the way to work I realized something. I written before that there are a group of expatriate students on board of the train every morning and today I realized there is another group and these two groups are totally different like a night and day. The first is of course the Indonesian students going to school next to the Putra KTMB station and the new group if from ELC International School at Sg Buloh. I didn’t know where it is until, as they say now, I googled it at the office. The Indonesians are obviously from a middle class family whereas the ELC students are at the higher end of the expatriate community. One speaks in a local dialect or Bahasa Malaysia and the other, mostly Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, speaks in International English with American or British slang. Their attitudes are obviously totally different as well. One reserved and other loud. The ELC students are a bit confidence and very sure of themselves whereas the Indonesians although look ok but a bit timid. Although both groups are in uniform one bit more relax and modern and the other conservative.

I am somewhat at the crossroad at the moment as far as my thinking on knowledge. I knew I need to go back to basic in order for me to understand things a bit better. The discussion and the development in the subject are to overwhelm for me and I need to restart at the right point. I still think KM is valid and here to stay but in a different form.

My colleagues today were urging me to start writing a book or books on KM. The good news is I have started and the bad news is I am too slow.

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