Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On The Train, Oct 10, 2006

Definitely KTMB has moved to another level in service. The sad thing is it was at the wrong direction. At the same time it manages to add David Copperfield’s act as another one of its repertoire. How else would you explain a train missing from its run conveniently? In fact they proudly announced it to the rest of the world. ‘Ladies and gentlemen the train that supposed to leave Rawang station at 1732 had vanished in the thin air.’ After hearing an announcement to that effect. I honestly and seriously would not be thinking twice to offer them a Bomoh service if asked. To compound the situation all these vanishing acts happened during the fasting month. Poor muslims on the train had to be contented with a bottled water and piece of kueh to breakfast. Hey, I am ok with this as normally it was really my fault for being late but KTMB certainly could take credit for that.

The driver just informed us that it is time to break our fast and I can see muslims around me starting to take out their can or packed drinks. I have not seen anybody opening up their nasi bungkus. But I would not be surprised if someone did. I just continue with my typing.

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