Thursday, March 1, 2007

On The Train, Sept 14, 2006

I was standing at the platform reading when the announcement came on the air to say that the train services to Seremban had been delayed by 15 minutes. My first reaction was ‘what else is new’. The train would be packed again.

Commuters still rushed in without considering people to disembark at KL Sentral. Despite the plea from the train driver I just do not know what else for us to do to change this culture. It got worse at MidValley. I got connected at Salak Selatan and it was very slow connection. The commuters at Tasik Selatan were a bit courteous and waited patiently for people to alight. Probably because they were a season STAR commuters as well. Comparatively I find that the most civic minded of the lot are Putra commuters I suspect because there is enforcement. STAR would be next and the worst are KTM commuters.The train was still packed when we were at Kajang and it was no better at UKM. By this time I already gave up on the Digi Wireless Network.

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