Thursday, January 25, 2007

On The Train. Mar 11, 2005: Blink: book review

Just after Kajang on the way home I finished reading Blink. Out of 10 I rate the book 7. The content is 7 because of the refreshing ideas and although some of them are not new, Blink brings new perspectives to the idea of decision making. I give an 8 for style of writing as I like the way the ideas unfolded by way of stories. Factual stories. It could have been better if not for the author’s inclination towards repeating or putting too much to explain his ideas. 7 also go to the physical size of the book.

I was on an early morning neighborhood watch this morning between 3-5am and very sleepy. The moment I sat down on the train I primed my subconscious mind to wake up at KL Sentral as I was going to PJ for a meeting. Soon enough I was ‘knocked out’ for the rest of the journey and was awake just as the train was approaching the tunnel going into the belly of KL Sentral station. Yes, I would have love to see more people reading on the train rather than sleeping but no one knows why ones sleep on the train for sure. On the way home I was expecting another packed train as it was the start of one week school holidays. Instead it was the opposite of yesterday. As I was so engrossed trying to finish Blink I did not see anything happened around me which is better to everyone else on the train. :)))

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