Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On The Train. Mar 9, 2005

I took the last train out of Kl Sentral last night and I got home slightly after midnight. This morning of course I was a bit tired and slept through out the journey to the office. So, I guess today others were laughing and observing me doing ‘tahlil’ with my eyes closed. I presumed it would be definitely a sight to enjoy. I was a bit late going home as well. Coming back from our training center in PJ I took the 8.15pm train home. It just a normal ride and I was very please to know more my fellow commuters are reading and writing while going home rather than just sleeping. The gentleman sitting across was actually reading or rereading Black Beauty. The lady directly across me was writing profusely and my guess she was a student. A guy behind her was reading an article. I hope a lot more people would do this. I actually considered reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell before I decided to put it down to write this piece.

Another realization for today was that a few of my friends are taking the train to work. However our schedules are different and we have not had the opportunity to ‘bump’ into each other. Nevertheless knowing that made me glad. I have been taking the train to work for two years already now and I still could not find a time when I did not like it. Even with the frequent incompetence of KTMB I still enjoy the train. Another thing that I really wanted to do is to take a day off, along with my trusted Nikon, to spend the whole day along the route to take photographs of commuters, train and the stations. That would be neat.

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