Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On The Train, Mar. 24, 2005

'The Power On Intuition’ by Gary Klein was delivered to me today and I spent the rest of the journey home starting on it. I was so engrossed that I could not put it down until I reached Bangi. Of course I’ll share with you all when I have finish reading it. The world of knowledge management now has really moved towards finding the best ways to capture and transfer knowledge across boundaries. Almost everyone, if not talking about story telling, would be talking about social networks, some form of cognitive task analysis and narrative management to capture tacit knowledge for better decision making. What surprise me is even IT experts or figures like Karl Wiig and John Seeley-Brown (JSB) are also talking about this. JSB even went further to discuss the use of what he called as ‘social software’ like Wikis, Blogs and IMs. Interesting development indeed. When skeptics beginning to spell the demise of KM things got even more interesting. Opportunities for KM to be embedded into the work processes are tremendous now.

It started to rain heavily when the train was halfway between UKM and Bangi. I was caught by surprise

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